Montie was born out of trying to understand the stigma that surrounded web development. We spoke to everyone and anyone we could and found the same words coming up over and over: price, trust, time, understanding. The strange thing was that each of the problems had little to do with the product and everything to do with the process, yet it was the end product that all the players in the market were using to distinguish themselves.

When it comes down to it there are really only two variations when it comes to process in the entire web development industry: building it yourself (DIY) and working with a web developer or agency.

Like any company looking to enter a highly competitive market, we wanted to be the disruption; the solution in an industry that is crying for something new… So we eliminated all the pitfalls and harnessed all the strengths of each process and created Montie.

Montie essentially sits between a DIY solution and a web developer. We are able to harness the cost-effective template strategy of a DIY solution and add on the expertise provided by a web developer or agency without affecting the price. Best of all, our business model lets us bring back the trust element that so many agencies accidentally eliminate by over-charging, disappearing or sourcing overseas content.

And what better way is there to represent all of that, than in a single name – Montie.


To empower individuals to grow their businesses in the digital world by creating smart and effective digital solutions using a collaborative, yet simple process.



We create honest, open, and trusting relationships with our clients


We empower our clients to grow their business and themselves as individuals. We believe knowledge is power in such a rapidly changing digital world.


Every choice, design piece, every word and every action has in-built ‘smarts’ to deliver your individual solution.


In-built ‘smarts’ make everything simple yet powerful.