How much information do I have to provide?

Our website wizard will guide you through this process. You will have to provide some basic information about your business but the more content-based information can be provided in as little or as many words as you want. It is then up to our copywriters to put it together for you.

I don't have many photos for my new website.

When you make your way through our website wizard, you can choose to either:

You can even choose to send us some photos via text message if you can not load them onto your computer. When it comes to content we understand it can be hard to find the right images that represent your business, which is why we have put together so many options for you.

How long does the Montie process take?

Once you have selected the website template that you love, the next process is up to you. Make your way through our website wizard and provide us with some basic information about your company. Our copywriters will then turn that information into your new website which takes approximately 2 weeks depending on the size of the template you chose.

How do I manage and update my finished website?

All Montie websites are developed on WordPress, the worlds biggest CMS system for websites. This makes it really easy for you to update and manage your website after we have finished building it for you.

You will have have access to our Handbook at all times which guides you through the basics for managing and maintaining your website going forward.

How do I pay for my Montie website?

Once you have competed the website wizard, we require a small deposit before we begin putting your website together. The remaining amount is required upon completion of the website when you are satisfied!

What if I don't like my finished website?

Once we have completed your Montie website, you have the opportunity to view it and provide feedback on any changes you would like to be completed. The number of changes we will complete is up to the discretion of our website developer and copywriters.

Ready to get started?