Set up

Website Hosting

Either using your existing hosting, or our suggested hosting, we set up a new installation, and transfer over the preliminary files for your selected website template.

Spam Protection

Automatic spam protection is installed on your site to stop unwanted comments and posts.

Website Branding

We set up all website branding including logos, contact information, website name, font choices, accent colours, and social media URL’s.

On page SEO

Hassle free SEO is already built into your website. We install an advanced SEO plugin and input select page metadata based on your business and any information you give us.


Stunning Header

We set up a header for your home page, replace and re-size a header image, and add headline message and buttons (if applicable).

Stock Image selection

If desired, we will select stunning stock images for your website that suit your business and product offering.

Image Uploading

We resize, upload, and add alt tags to all your images, whether coming from your own library, a stock source, or through our photography package.

Content Creation and Editing*

Based on the information you give us, we will create compelling, clear, and SEO friendly content for your website that not only concisely demonstrates your unique product offering to potential customers, but helps your website rank higher on search engines.

Instagram Feed

If applicable to your template, an Instagram feed will be shown on your website either by your user ID or a selected hashtag.


Website Sitemap

We export your website sitemap to Google for you so that its web spiders can crawl your website content and understand better what is on it. This is an integral part of your websites SEO.

Editing and Feedback

Once your website is completed, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on our work and make changes to your website before it goes live.

Website Analytics

Using your Google account, we connect a Google Analytics account to your website so that you can start managing and tracking your website results and progress.

DNS Migration

Using your domain name registrar, we will point your DNS settings to your new website to make it live. We also perform the relevant checks to make sure there are no errors.

*Not included for Montie Naked sites

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